Keeping My Ideas Organized

I am forever coming up with new ideas that flit across my synapses and are promptly forgotten. To help me remember everything I found these tools to be indispensable:

Evernote: Note taking tool

  • Works on all my devices (ipad, desktop, etc)
  • I have an addon in my outlook so adding an email to Evernote is as simple as a button click
  • Evernote includes a Webclipper so any time I find an awesome idea on the web I just click the icon and it uploads into my notebook
  • Any time I write a note I snap a picture of it with my iPad so I never lose it (Evernote search feature recognizes hand written notes which is very useful!)

Zotero: Citation manager

  • Any articles I find online I save into Zotero

Google Drive:

  • I keep a running list on a Google doc so anytime I have a new idea I just jot it down so I won’t forget¬†
  • The list not only helps me keep track of my ideas on projects I’m currently working on, but it also gives me an archive of ideas I can pull from when I want to make a new display, start a new project, etc


  1. I downloaded Evernote onto my samsung smartphone. I used to try to keep a book of “good idea’s” for my research but I couldn’t remember to keep it on me…problem solved!

    Zotero sounds like a good one for me to try next, I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.