Looking for a Job? Don’t Forget about Alumni Resources!

If you’re one of the millions who are on the hunt for a job it might be helpful to tap into you’re alma mater’s alumni resources. That’s what an alumni association is there for! Try doing a Google search for your university’s name and “alumni resources” or “alumni association.” Most universities provide help with job searching, resume review, and developing interviewing skills. Also look into attending alumni events. It is a great way to network. Recently moved away from where you graduated? No problem! Most large cities will have various programs/groups available. Many alumni associations have social media accounts that help you connect here are a few:

  • InCircle
  • LinkedInĀ 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Official blog

Here are a few services that alumni associations/career services offer:

  • Attend a career fair- these aren’t just for currently enrolled students
  • Resume review
  • Mock interviews
  • View current jobĀ postings
  • Attend sponsored meetups to network