Computer Graphics Laboratory Makes Skype Interviews Much Easier


Geared up for my first interview post grad school, I donned my trusty business professional attire, put on my best (but not too eager) smile, and sat down at my laptop. I promptly launched Skype and commenced my digital interview. While I was interviewing I was frusterated by the fact that every time I tried to look at my interviewer’s face on the screen I had to avert my eyes from the camera, making it so I couldn’t look directly at him. I kept thinking “If only there was a camera in the middle of the screen so I could make eye contact! But alas that dream was an impossibility, but not any more. What was my misfortune doesn’t have to be yours thanks to gaze correction software by Computer Graphics Laboratory. This is made possible by “a face replacement algorithm that synthesizes a novel view of the subject’s face in which the gaze is correct and seamlessly transfers it into the original color image. This results in an image with no missing pixels or significant visual artifacts in which the subject makes eye contact” (CGL). The Skype plugin hasn’t been released yet but keep your eyes peeled for when it does. It will make Skype interviews a whole lot easier!

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