Mashies Finalists- A Great Way to Glean Information for Amazing Library Promotion

By: DigitalRalph on Flickr

Yesterday Mashable announced their finalists for the 2013 Mashies awards. The Mashies awards celebrate the best in digital marketing, advertising and social media. The finalists were selected by a panel of experts and include categories like Best Use of Twitter  and Best Branded App.  In my opinion librarians can learn a lot from events that celebrate the best in tech and marketing like the Mashies and Webby awards. So much of the library is digital and looking to experts in the field can be an awesome way to improve outreach effectiveness and patron’s library experiences. Looking at the finalists’ entries can also be a great way to predict trends in social media and user experience and get ideas for new library marketing campaigns.

Every day for the next two weeks I am going to share my library tips/ideas based on the top three finalists in each Mashies category:

Day 1- Best Use of Facebook

  • Amnesty International- Trial by Timeline
    • “A tool that analyzes your Facebook profile for potential ‘crimes’ under international law.” (Chris Welch)
    • Library idea
      • What about a tool that analyzes your Goodreads profile for potential banned books violations!
  • Razorfish- smart USA Tag Your Own Adventure
    • “Based on the ‘choose your own adventure format’ FB users tag themselves into Razorfish’s video photo album which will organically reach the News Feed without media buy.” (shorty award)
    • Library idea
      • This is a great way to promote your library on a small budget. The more activity you get the more free promotion! Plus you can include your library’s collection of choose your own adventure literature. Definitely a win win.
      • There are a lot of free storyboard apps that you could use for this one.
  • Colenco BBDO- The Smart Phone Line
    • Participants joined the Samsung “Smart Phone Line” through Facebook and Twitter. Whoever was at the beginning of the line won a Galaxy S4. They could jump the line by tweeting and posting the new phone’s features that were released every day. Also the more their friends shared, liked and/or retweeted their post the further up they could move (citation).
    • Library idea
      • You could post/tweet a new book every day for a week. Patron’s could then repost/retweet to move up the library line. The person at the front wins! (Definitely would need someone versed in computer science for this one)

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