Increase Your Productivity With a WiFi Coldspot

Sometimes I need to just disconnect from technology so I can reconnect with myself. If you’re like me you probably have calendar reminders, new tweets, breaking news, blog posts, and a whole plethora of various other digital distractions all suffused across your desktop in about 50 tabs. According to Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, the Internet is causing us to sacrifice our ability to read and think deeply due to a bevy of distracting small bits of information. Here are some ways that one can take a digital break in order to refocus:

Find a WiFi Cold Spot

Harvard’s Library Test Kitchen designed this WiFi Cold Spot to allow for disconnected tranquility using EMF blocking paint that radio signals.

If you’re really ambitions you could follow suit and make your own DIY study pod/room using wifi proof paint or wifi proof wallpaper. If,  unfortunately, you don’t have access to a wifi cold spot you can still set aside a place in your house that is free of digital devices. Even if it’s for an hour a day the benefits are worth it. In a recent radio broadcast from Humankind Public Radio, former NY Times science correspondent Daniel Goleman discusses the importance of a distraction free work space and how it allows us to be more productive and create positive emotions. He states that when he writes, he works in a studio that has no phone, email, etc. Having both professional and personal benefits, taking time out of your week or month to refocus is essential to a successful work/life balance. Especially in an environment that is proliferated with digital distractions. So, next week, try allotting one hour to monotask.  Read some literature, research from a physical book, write out that essay, pen a poem, or flip through a magazine, you’ll be so glad you did!

Do you have any wifi cold spot suggestions? I’d love to hear them 🙂