Graduate Summer Internships to Apply For Now

**This is a reprint of University of Denver’s graduate studies blog which was discontinued in September 2018.

Believe it or not despite the frosted accumulation surrounding us this month, January is a great time to start applying for graduate summer internships. Paid graduate internships are highly competitive and not as prevalent as their undergraduate and unpaid counterparts so it’s important to start applying early. Also, many of the deadlines for these opportunities close at the end of January/February, making it important to get your applications submitted before your window closes. Listed below are just a few of the upcoming internships we think will interest you. They cover a wide variety of skill sets and internship positions. To get some tips on how to conduct your own research check out our post Resources for Finding a Graduate Research Position.

ETS 2016 Summer Internship Program– Deadline February 1, 2016. ETS provides an 8 week summer program with opportunities to conduct research in validity or games, simulation & collaboration. You must be in a Ph.D. or Ed.D. program to apply.

Razorfish– Deadline April 24, 2016 (selection for interns starts in January). Razorfish offers a 10 week summer internship program in a variety of specific disciplines including business, marketing, journalism, and analytics.

Google– Deadline February 25 or 29, 2016 (depends on the field). Graduate students studying computer science, engineering, business, design/UX, law, public policy, or liberal arts will definitely want to check out the internships offered at Google. They have positions specifically for masters and PhD students.

Adobe Research– Deadline not listed. Adobe Research offers doctoral students with an opportunity to “engage in industrial research.” There are some really interesting projects including video puppetry and stress relief. Before applying for an internship be sure to study up on the various researchers who work at Adobe and indicate which individual you would like to work with.

Time Inc 2016 Summer Internship Program– Deadline not listed. Time Inc offers a general summer internship program and a Technology Summer Internship Program for students interested in many different areas.

NBC MediaTech Summer 2016 Internship– Deadline not listed. This internship is open to masters students in technical fields such as electrical engineering, computer science, Film/TV production, digital media technology, and telecommunications.

Learning to Lead Internship Program– Deadline TBD. The Independent Institute hosts a Learning to Lead Internship program in the areas of acquisitions, donor relations, marketing and communications, publications, research, student programs, and technology.

FDA Summer Student Research Program– Deadline February 27, 2016. The FDA provides an internship program for individuals who want to conduct research on “the biological effect of potentially toxic chemicals and the solutions to toxicology problems that have a major impact on human health and the environment.”

Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Summer Internship Program– Deadline January 27, 2016. This program is aimed at graduate students interested in Advanced Technology Demonstration programs.

Pew Research Center– Deadline not listed. Pew is a great place to gain experience doing empirical social science research.