Resources for Finding a Graduate Summer Research Position

**This is a reprint of University of Denver’s graduate studies blog which was discontinued in September 2018.

Summer jobs aren’t just for undergrads. In fact, there are a plethora of opportunities that specifically request graduate students! By now in your academic career you’re probably aware of the benefits that come from temporary job training programs, but you might not know all the new opportunities that your advanced graduate school training can provide you. This summer is a great opportunity to build your professional network and gain some vital real world skills that will prepare you for life after your grad degree.

Tips Before Embarking

Prior to commencing your exploration you will want to beef up your internship searching skills. The tips below will make the search process much easier and potentially increase your discovery!

  • Don’t limit yourself to a single term– Graduate summer work goes by many names (associateship, fellowship, co-op, graduate internship, and so forth). Conduct separate searches for each term to increase your results list. For example, a search for summer education fellowship will give you different results than a search for summer education graduate internship.
  • Use quotes– quotation marks are recognized in most search engines and allow you to search for phrases rather than single words. Searching for “graduate summer fellowship” will provide different results than searching for graduate summer fellowship without the quotations (this is great for using with the search engine monolith Google).
  • Exclude erroneous results with the minus sign– If you’re receiving numerous results that aren’t relevant to your search, place a minus sign before the word you want to exclude. For example, if you’re searching in LinkedIn for graduate summer internship and you keep getting results for AT&T, modify your search to: graduate summer internship -AT&T and all of those AT&T listings will be excluded.
  • Set alerts for missed deadlines- Years fly by while you’re in grad school and before you know it it will be 2016! If there is an ideal summer internship that you missed, set a calendar alert for next year so it doesn’t pass you by next time around. While you’re waiting, you could spend the summer updating your skill set for that particular position to ensure that you stand out from the other applicants.

Visit Company Websites

One of the best ways to land the fellowship/internship/co-op/associateship of your dreams is to check out your favorite company’s website. Many of these entities provide summer internship programs, with many being targeted specifically at graduate students. Listed below are a few of the companies that target graduate students:

Tap into an Organization

Most likely you’re a member of a professional organization associated with your field of study. (If you aren’t, join today! Students receive discounted membership fees.) Listservs or email lists and websites for these organizations offer a trove of potential opportunities Many career services offices and/or universities send out newsletters with lists of upcoming internships and fellowships (keep your eyes peeled for the monthly GCS newsletter!). Various government, health, business, and education organizations also provide listings of upcoming opportunities. Check out their websites or follow them on social media to stay abreast of future opportunities. Here are some suggested resources you can take a look at:

Scrutinize Social Media

crimson-linkedin LinkedIn

Don’t let the “job” in LinkedIn’s job search deter you from utilizing this tool for locating summer opportunities. With this resource you can limit by location/industry/company and often apply directly from LinkedIn using your profile information.

crimson-twitter Twitter

The monarch of the microblogging world, is a wonderful place to cast your search net. Try following scholarship and intern matching websites and searching for specific hashtags to increase discovery.

Avail Yourself of a Job Board/Search Engine

Job search engines like Indeed are great resources for uncovering summer research positions. Play around with different search terms and search operators (discussed in the Tips Before Embarking section) to expand your search. For example try conducting separate searches for summer fellowship, summer internship, and summer associate. They will all produce different search results.

InternMatch is a resource that is targeted specifically for searching internships. This includes graduate internships, fellowships, etc. With this tool you can create a profile where potential employers can view your credentials. There is also an internship forum where you can post questions and an internship blog for your perusal.

And, of course, don’t forget good ‘ol Google. With Google you can browse through a vast amount of summer research opportunities. Due to the fact that Google is so comprehensive you might want to narrow your search by using search operators. A search for summer graduate internship will only include results coming from a website with a .org domain (which includes many non-profit organizations).

Once you land a summer fellowship/internship/associateship you will all set to rake in the benefits (such as directed guidance and mentorship and a chance cultivate new skills, fine tune your current abilities, gain real-world experience, and network with individuals in your field). And don’t forget, our career counselors can also help with this process. Good luck on your journey and please let us know about your favorite resources/tools/methods in the comments!