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Hot off the press! “Mastering Mobile through Social Media: Creating Engaging Content on Instagram and Snapchat”

Greetings! I’m excited to announce my new report for the American Library Association’s Library Technology Reports series: “Mastering Mobile through Social Media: Creating Engaging Content on Instagram and Snapchat.” What I really dig about this work is that I had the opportunity to conduct a mini-case study during which I interviewed 11 standout library professionals […]

Snapchat Explained: A 30 Minute Microlearning Event

Hello! I just wanted to announce another Snapchat workshop that I’ll be teaching in September for ALA’s eLearning series. This will consist of a 30 min online webinar where I’ll show you the basics of Snapchat: how it works, how to set it up, and how your library can use it. This is perfect for […]

Snapchat in the Library: Librarians Master an App to Reach Millennials- ALA Extended Article Version

Hello! I am very excited to announce my newest article that was published in ALA’s magazine: Snapchat in the Library Librarians: Master an App to Reach Millennials! For this article I had the opportunity to interview a variety of amazing librarians who are leveraging this app to reach their patrons. Librarians from K-12, public libraries, and […]

5 Universities Killing It On Snapchat

I am becoming convinced that Snapchat should become a library social media staple. Being a “cusper” (on the tail end of the millennial generation) I might not be as in-tune with what’s fresh in social as my younger counterparts, but the numbers don’t lie. Smith, from DMR, reports that Snapchat not only touts 100 million […]

Promote Your Library Using Mark Zuckerburg’s Worldwide Book Club

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg launched the New Year by announcing a challenge: “to read a new book every other week — with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories, and technologies.” His announcement has currently garnered 119,199 likes and 5,502 comments.   Since then he has created a Facebook group entitled “A Year of […]

Promote Your Library With Snapchat Stories

This is probably the best way libraries can start implementing Snapchat for promotional purposes. According to an article published today by Business Insider, Snapchat Stories has increased 100% with over 1 billion stories being viewed a day! Since this app is so widely used by individuals under the age of 25 (traditional college aged students), it’s a […]