User Behavior Study: E-Research and Data: Opportunities for Library Engagement

The goal of this user behavior study was to identify librarians' needs around data management in higher education using content analysis of data agendas and qualitative interviewing with librarians. As a researcher on this project, I qualitatively analyzed data management agenda corpora to develop a coding scheme that was used for further analysis in the study.


  • Qualitative content analysis
    • Content analysis
    • Coding scheme/codebook development
    • Establishment of interrater reliability


  • NVivo

Project outcomes:

  1. Built awareness of librarians' early experiences designing and developing research data services.
  2. Informed practical, effective approaches to developing research data services on campus
  3. Identified common strategic responses among academic libraries engaged in e-Research and data initiatives.
  4. Informed strategic approaches to e-Research and data given campus community needs, infrastructure, resources, and expertise.

Project output:

  • 1 publication
  • 5 project presentations
  • 1 poster session