Paige Alfonzo

I recently graduated with my Ph.D. in Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Denver. I received my M.S. in Library Information Science in 2010 from the University of North Texas. Helping and educating others allows me to believe that my existence is worthwhile. I bring passion and enthusiasm to everything I do and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I am a researcher whose expertise in social media methods and analysis draws from a variety of fields including statistics, higher education, information science, media studies, communication studies, and literary criticism. Since I have been trained in a variety of areas related to technology, society, and culture, I currently consider myself an internet studies scholar grounded within the humanities and social sciences.

What I Do

User-Behavior Research

I have experience evaluating user behavior data using a variety of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research approaches. I have advanced skills in survey design, program evaluation, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed-Methods Research

I have training in many research approaches that I can apply in a variety of different contexts. Relevant coursework: Advanced Qualitative Research, Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis, Performance Ethnography, Rhetorical Criticism, Critical Theories in Communication, Critical Imagination, Social Media Marketing, Data Mining, Psychometric Theory, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, and Structural Equation Modeling

Social Media and Society

I am very interested in using innovative social media research methods to explore: • The intersections of social media and human behavior • The influence of social media algorithms and bots on large-scale digital action • The dynamics involving the spread of propaganda and disinformation online

Social Media Strategy

I have over 6 years' experience creating social media content and analyzing social media performance. I also am adept at transforming insights in to actionable recommendations that can be used to improve performance and drive engagement.